Ridgeview uses innovative technology to help reduce radiation dose in CT scanning

342_CT_for_WebWhen Ridgeview Medical Center upgraded its CT (computed tomography) technology in 2008, it purchased two systems that allow Ridgeview to perform both advanced imaging for its angiography procedures and basic imaging for its interventional and therapy planning cases. Ridgeview introduced a Siemens 40-slice unit and a 128-slice scanner, which has revolutionized diagnosis in cardiology, oncology and other specialties.

In 2009, Ridgeview went a step further by enhancing its CT scanning capabilities with innovative software made available by Siemens Healthcare. IRIS (Iterative Reconstruction in Image Space) allows the radiologist to reduce radiation dose by up to 60 percent with minimum compromise to image quality. “By reducing image noise, it is possible for significant dose reduction while still producing high-quality images,” said Kulin Hemani, VP Computed Tomography, Siemens Healthcare USA.

“Dose is a concern of Ridgeview’s referring physicians. Many, particularly those with pediatric patients, inquire about our equipment and we are pleased to provide radiation dose management with our CT scanner,” says Cindy Steenstra, director of Ridgeview’s Imaging Services. “Assuring them that Ridgeview’s CT systems have dose-saving features, including IRIS, alleviates many concerns. Additionally, because of the high-quality images, our radiologist can give a more definitive diagnosis and reduce the need for additional imaging.”

Last year, Ridgeview Medical Center provided nearly 50,000 exams and imaging procedures, which will continue to grow significantly with the opening of a second imaging center at Two Twelve Medical Center in Chaska.

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