Ridgeview Announces New Naming Convention and Visual Identity

Ridgeview recently announced a new naming strategy and visual identity to better reflect its position as a comprehensive regional health care system.

While the legal entity will remain Ridgeview Medical Center, the new public-facing “name” to identify the system across all locations and services is simply Ridgeview. “Ridgeview has grown and evolved significantly–in the services and business lines we offer and the geography we serve–and we ‘outgrew’ the name we used for decades,” said Ridgeview President & CEO Mike Phelps.

According to Phelps, the naming initiative has been a strategic priority for Ridgeview’s Board of Directors and Administrative team for several years. The goal is to strengthen Ridgeview’s market position with a consistent naming convention to build brand awareness, preference and equity across Ridgeview’s seven-county service area and beyond. 

 “We have strong brand, reputation and name awareness and there was no reason to deviate from the ‘Ridgeview’ core and create a different name to represent our system,” Phelps said. “We streamlined our naming strategy to reduce market confusion and better reflect the full spectrum of care, specialty services and businesses that fall under the Ridgeview umbrella.”

Ridgeview’s visual identity has also been updated to support the new naming strategy, convey system strength and Ridgeview’s “You Matter Here” brand promise, yet has similar, identifiable colors and graphic elements to maintain a visual connection to the previous ‘sun/sail’ logo.

Ridgeview launched the updated name and identity in late 2020 via its website and digital applications. The full implementation will occur in phases over the next few years as signage, materials and other items need updating to ensure continued management of Ridgeview’s financial resources.

New Visual Identity

Former Logo

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