Understanding Urgent Care and Emergency Care at Two Twelve Medical Center

Q. What’s the difference between being an “urgent care” patient or “emergency” patient at Two Twelve Medical Center?

A. Ridgeview’s Urgent Care at Two Twelve Medical Center is open 24 hours a day. A variety of minor illnesses and injuries can be treated in urgent care. Select X-rays and blood tests may be performed. Patients are “emergency” patients when they have symptoms that require major testing and decision making to rule out a serious injury or illness. They require specialized staff to provide care and interpret data to make a diagnosis.

Q. Can I get a physical/annual exam in Urgent Care?

A. No, physicals are not performed in Ridgeview’s Urgent Care. Please see your primary care provider for annual exams.

Q. How do you determine when someone needs emergency care versus urgent care at Two Twelve Medical Center?

A. The triage nurse will determine the right care based on your complaint. You will require care in the Emergency Department if your symptoms are more extensive than urgent care conditions.

Q. Will I be billed for urgent care AND emergency care?

A. No, you will only be charged for one or the other when you’re seen in Ridgeview’s Emergency & Urgent Care at Two Twelve Medical Center. Alternatively, if you go to a retail clinic or primary care clinic first, and then are sent to Two Twelve Medical Center for emergency care, you will receive a bill from that clinic and a bill from Ridgeview’s Emergency Department.

Q. Can I pay my bill at the time of service?

A. No. However, you may be asked to pay your co-pay. You will be billed for your visit after the charges have been submitted to your insurance.

Q. What conditions are treated as, and classified as, urgent care at Two Twelve Medical Center?

A. Minor injuries, sprains, minor fractures, minor infections, small wounds, minor burns and rashes are typically urgent care conditions. Other conditions include: • Bladder infections • Bug bites & stings • Cough • Colds • Cuts & bruises • Dental pain • Earaches • Flu • Frostbite • Minor eye irritations • Muscle aches & pains • Poison ivy • Pregnancy testing • Sinus infection • Sore throat • Sunburn • Tetanus booster

Q. Can I be seen in Ridgeview’s Urgent Care for abdominal pain?

A. If you come to Two Twelve for abdominal pain, you will be seen as an Emergency Department patient. Abdominal pain typically requires specialized clinical decision making to rule out significant illness. Diagnostic studies may include, but are not limited to, ultrasound, CT scan and specialized blood work, which are not done in urgent care. Treatments may include IV therapy and IV pain control.

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